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Join Austin Area Interreligious Ministries to Help Austin’s Refugees: Austin is becoming a major destination for political & religious refugees from around the globe, people who were forced to flee their homes & often endure long years in refugee camps. AAIM is the region’s sole provider of English as Second Language classes for refugees settled in Austin. We teach the adults basic English skills, help orient them to American culture & provide enriched learning experiences for their children. AAIM does not proselytize or attempt to convert the refugees; we simply give them the skills they need to survive so that, some day, they will be able to call Austin home. AAIM needs your seed money & support, whether you are rooted in a faith tradition, consider yourself to be spiritual but not religious, or simply share the values of our mission, you can make a difference in the life of our community by supporting AAIM. Details: 386-9145