September 2006 Print

Save the Planet on the Cheap

Sustainable living on a sustainable budget
by Tim Walker

Eliza Gilkyson’s Journey in Progress
Through hard times, sanctuary found
by Patrick J. Cosgrove

The readers write

Out & About
The lowdown on what’s going on
Compiled by Whitney Angstadt

Virginity isn’t all it once was. What does it mean to us now?
by Karen Kreps

Seeking Spirit
Lessons on baseball and the American Dream
by Becca Hensley

Finding my place within the mortal coil
by Lindsey Lane
September Family Events

Bowl food is soul food: Green Chile Stew
by Clane Hayward
September Food Events

My dog has (no) Fleas
by Spike Gillespie
September Pet Events
Pet Resources

In the Garden
The joys of a blank slate can drive one over the hedge
by Cecilia Nasti
September in the Garden
September Garden Events

A McMansion Alternative
by Aïda Pollard and Mark Lind

Rick Perry’s fast track to dirty air
by Robert Singleton
September Environmental Events

Wheels: Hers
2006 Hyundai Azera Limited
Lexus luxury on a Hyundai budget
by Ann Guidry

Wheels: His
2006 Nissan Texas Titan
A foreign truck
for a true Texan
by Ian Dille

Austin Originals
Quonset Hut
Established 1995
by Barbara Wray

You’re Getting Thinner…
Scientists aren’t sure how hypnosis works, but research shows that it does
By Michelle Moon Reinhardt

Clients Gain More Than Strength at St. David’s Wheelchair Fitness Center
Free program open to all with physical limitations, not just those in wheelchairs
By Darlene Turner-Lee

The Buzz
Health, wellness & fitness activities abound
Compiled by Whitney Angstadt

Following “fitness interruptus,” how do you get back on track?
by Tam Thompson

If you never learned CPR, please sign up for a class
by Darline Turner-Lee

When taking care of your hair look to stylists in the know
by Joanne Liu