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About the editing
Our deadlines are assigned far enough in advance of press dates to provide sufficient time for thoughtful editing, ordering and obtaining necessary original art to illustrate the piece, proofreading, and doing the production work on a routine cycle that will result in an attractive, interesting and professional presentation.

I edit and fact-check everything that goes into the magazine. As soon as I edit a feature, I e-mail the edited article to the writer, noting any substantive changes that were made, pointing out any questions that need to be resolved, and inviting the writer's suggestions for changes. I will also provide a copy of the edited feature to our proofreader for review. Upon receipt of the writer's suggested changes and the proofreader's recommendations, I will go through the article to introduce approved changes, go over it again, and then put it into the queue for the next edition. (The final version of the feature will not be e-mailed to the writer, as the logistics of another round of review are not practicable.) During production to ready the magazine for printing, I will proofread the entire edition on the built pages.

On personality profiles, it is my policy to allow the subject of the story to read it and offer suggested corrections before publication. The writer will furnish a copy to the subject identical to the copy submitted to The Good Life, and the subject will be invited to communicate feedback to the writer. Do not ask the subject to edit the piece, but do give the subject the opportunity to prevent publication of factual errors that would mar accuracy.

Changes that the writer needs to make in an article after the initial submission must be e-mailed to the editor as soon as possible for consideration. In the event changes seem necessary, the writer is asked not to resubmit a revised manuscript but instead to indicate via e-mail:
Replace: (the sentence as it reads in the edited version).
With: (the replacement sentence as you want it to read).

If requesting additions, the writer simply indicates the insertion point, as follows:
After: (indicate the last sentence preceding the insertion).
Insert: (the additional sentence or paragraph you want to add).