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About the features
The Good Life usually publishes four or five feature stories in each edition, with two of those being health, wellness or fitness stories within the Gusto section at the back of the magazine. Gusto features are usually assigned at a length of 1500 words.

Other feature articles, which run in the middle of the magazine, are generally assigned to be written at a length of between 2,000 words and 4,000 words, although we have occasionally published pieces 10,000 words or more. The writer is required to produce the piece at or near the assigned length. However, if in putting the piece together it appears the length should be significantly shorter or longer, the writer must consult with the editor before submitting the finished piece to see if the different length can be accommodated.

I prefer to make assignments at least two months or more before they are due to give talented writers the time to do their best professional work. Due dates are typically set four weeks before the magazine goes to the printer. (The magazine generally goes to the printer about a week before the end of the month.)

Barring unusual circumstances, articles are always published in the month scheduled, as indicated when assigned. By the same token, I do not over-assign features. I depend on writers to deliver assigned features in polished and professional form by the assigned deadlines.