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How to get an assignment
I am open to queries by mail, e-mail or telephone, but it will save a lot of time--and will help to endear me to your proposal--if you pitch only developed ideas that fully describe the topic and your desired approach. Study the features on our web site and in back issues to get a sense of what we like to publish.

Please do not submit work previously published or articles that has been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Before making an assignment, I will need to see a few feature clips that demonstrate the writer's best work. I look for previous publishing experience and need to see samples before making an assignment. If a writer does not have published work of sufficient quality, chances are I would only take the writer's article on speculation; this means you would write the article, I would review it, and you would only be paid if the article is published. While there is no guarantee of payment when writing on speculation, it affords a good opportunity for less experienced writers to break in with The Good Life. I confirm all feature assignments in writing via e-mail, to be sure that the writer's expectations are in line with our needs. I include detailed guidance such as what elements the story should include, the expected length, the deadline, the writer's responsibility for providing contact information for people to be photographed, the writer's fee and when it will be paid.

I make every effort to create a relationship that nurtures writers by being straightforward, honoring agreements, and paying on time. If you want to write for a high-quality publication, have talent, and can produce interesting material for our Central Texas audience, I welcome your queries .

Ken Martin, editor
The Good Life
Phone: 512-474-1022
Fax: 512-474-5725
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
US mail: P.O. Box 4400, Austin, Texas 78765