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This new program sets up group rides at a pace & distance designated by a trained ride leader. Listings for these group rides will be published in Southwest Cycling News & on the ACA web site. The idea is to provide a way for you to find a ride that’s right for you & a group of like-minded cyclists. All rides are rated on a scale of A thru E. A & B rides set a pace of 16-18 mph or faster. Rides rated C thru E set a slower pace of less than 12 mph to 16 mph & include more scheduled rest stops. On C thru E rides, the ride leader will bring up the rear at the slowest pace & will help with flats. Hosted rides may be scheduled for any day of the week & at any time, starting from points designated by the ride leader. Details: To find a ride suited to you, visit www.austinrides.org/ridedev.