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Written by Robert Singleton   
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 20:18

singleton-robertWilliam Ayers and Khalid Rashidi—McCain's campaign shouted these names like they meant something to most of us. Reminded me of a small, yappy dog chasing a mouse around the house, barking hysterically, knocking over the furniture and then bringing you the mouse and looking at you as if to say: "See what I saved you from?" (For those of you who have lost their scorecards, Ayers is the former Weatherman that Sarah Palin says Obama "palled around with." Rashidi is a former PLO spokesman the Elephants tried to link to Obama, even though Rashidi is more closely tied to McCain than Obama. McCain's International Republican Initiative gave almost a half million dollars to Rashidi.)

Rush Limbaugh and others on why the election went to Obama—I've been reading a lot of right-wing blather since the election, and most of it bears the same theme: "If only we'd gone further right." Ann Coulter suggested that "Conservative candidates never lose." (I guess she's forgetting Barry Goldwater.) Do these people really think if they'd been more conservative, some people who voted for Obama would've voted for McCain?

I can't wait for the 2010 election. (On second thought, I can wait for 2010.)

Robert Singleton writes The Good Life's environmental columns.
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