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Strait Music: Full Service and Family Owned Music Store

It’s only natural that the Live Music Capital of the World boasts a multi-generational, family-owned, full-service music store that is purely local. Strait Music, which started out in 1963 as Strait Piano and Organ, has been the go-to place for Austin musicians for decades. As the only full-line music store in the city, Strait offers just about everything you can think of that has to do with music, instruments and accessories. From keyboards to pianos, drum kits to guitars, violins to clarinets, Strait takes good care of every kind of musician that walks through its doors. Renting band and orchestra instruments for middle school and high school students make up a big part of the business, and so does renting sound systems for the thousands of bands that populate the city.
Clint Strait, who represents the third generation of Straits to keep the business thriving, says that being a local, family-owned business has always been a matter of pride for him and his father and grandfather. “We feel proud to be a small, locally-owned business in Austin. There is a certain undeniable vibe about this city and we like to think we contribute to that vibe. It means a lot to us to be such an active part of the Music Capital of the World.”
Longtime Strait Music customers appreciate the fact that Strait employees tend to love their jobs. “Our retention rate is incredible, says Strait. “Our head accountant has been working here since my dad was a teenager. We have a lot of customers who tend to buy a lot of guitars, who have been dealing with the same salesperson for years. They love that they can come in and know we’re going to do everything we can to get them exactly what they want and need. We strive to provide good service without being pushy.”